Aquafit, or water aerobics, has had a strong following in BC for decades now. With significantly less impact due to water buoyancy, it is extremely popular and provides an inviting social atmosphere. Aquafit also serves as an activity of choice for those coming back from injuries, or for anyone looking to cross train. The hydrostatic pressure of the water encourages the heart to work at fuller capacity. For runners and triathletes, this is the perfect recipe for training at peak performance.

However, one drawback of jumping up and down barefoot in the shallow end of a pool on a floor that feels like rough sandpaper, is that it can be tough on the tootsies, hips and knees. For Instructors and participants this could mean shin splints or an outbreak of plantar fasciitis.  In any low impact class, be it on land or in the water; supportive shoes are always a safe strategy.

Enter…The Aqua Shoe!

What is it?

Well, it’s a shoe that looks pretty much like your basic running shoe, complete with a mesh upper and foam midsole….with one distinct difference: drain holes. When teaching with regular shoes (without drain holes), each foot will feel like a 10-pound weight.

If you’d prefer to spend your energy teaching and not lifting your legs, then the Aquafit shoe is a no brainer.  These holes in the shoe prevent the pooling of water inside the shoe itself. These funnels go through the entire base of the shoe as well as the insole. Even the uppers are made of specialized nylons which are not only quick to dry but are also chlorine resistant.

Instructors who may be in-and-out of the water during class will especially enjoy the prime-time cushioning, drainage properties, and slip resistant soles. The biggest challenge for most participants is finding a pair, because even in these days of footwear specialization, an Aqua shoe is a specialty version of a specialty shoe! Meaning…you don’t find it just anywhere!

LadySport has carried Aqua shoes for over 3 decades. From the classic Ryka to Columbia’s slip-on and other quick lace models, you can find a deep selection in sizes up to ladies 11 at LadySport. The Columbia doubles nicely as an Aquafit shoe, as it is actually made for outdoor recreational activities like stream jumping, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

If you are in or around the water and want cushioning, support, and no puddles in your shoes….the Aqua shoe might be just what the ‘Doc’ ordered!

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Phil Moore, owner of LadySport & Fit First Footwear

Jill Metheral, BCRPA SFL (Aqua, Pilates, Yoga, Land), 3rd age, WT

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