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Two smiling women standing back to back and dancing

Fitness Essentials: Music must-haves for Canadian fitness classes

The right song can make or break a workout. Researchers have found that music can help to inspire and motivate fitness class participants, as well...
A woman smiling while holding a clipboard in a gym. In the background, two people are running out treadmills.

Fitness Essentials: Liability Waivers and Contracts to Help Protect Fitness Leaders and Participants

As a Fitness Leader or participant, you have likely come across a liability waiver and/or a training contract at some point in your fitness...
Person running between row of trees

Exercise and Air Quality: Staying Active During BC’s Wildfire Season

The World Health Organization (WHO) reminds us that physical activity has significant health benefits, improves overall well-being, and contributes to preventing and managing non-communicable...
Two smiling people sitting on exercise bikes leaning over to give each other a high five.

Fitness Essentials: Exercise Screening Tools

Whether you are a fitness leader or a fitness participant, chances are you’ve come across a medical screening form to be completed before registering...

A Legacy of Changing Lives through Fitness and Healthy Living

There are moments in time that can completely change the course of our life. This was the case with BCRPA’s 2022 Fitness Professional of...
Rebecca sailing on her boat.

Fitness for the win: BCRPA’s CEO (Literally) Sails into the Sunset

Last autumn, I shared on Healthy Living Matters my goal to get fit enough to sail competitively in a sport boat my husband and...
Kathy posing in front of with participants from her fitness class who are waving and smiling

‘It’s been a ball’: Reflections from a Retiring Fitness Leader at 81

With more than 40 years of leading fitness and twice that in life experience, Kathy Feay is ready to retire and hand off her...

Charting a New Course: How a Personal Trainer Helped Me Find My Sea Legs

As a once upon a time competitive sailor, I recently decided to get back into the sport. What led me to this decision is...

How becoming a Fitness Leader changed my life

Picture it. It’s January 2007. The holidays have just ended, and like everyone else, I’ve made some New Year’s resolutions that I am keen...

April 2021 marks 20 years of sexual assault awareness

April 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). What is Sexual Assault? Here is one definition from the Media Kit...