Transform your basic fitness routine into a challenging and fun core workout

Nowadays it is becoming more common to experience back, knee, and shoulder pain due to a more sedentary lifestyle. We are all guilty of sitting at a desk for too long, or spending extended periods commuting in a vehicle. This inactive lifestyle can lead directly to weak back and core muscles.

Studies show that balance exercises can improve core and back strength. They help you increase stability and strengthen your joints, which can go a long way to relieving pain and improving overall posture.

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NOTE: This is not a substitute for medical advice.

About the Author: Ryoko Donald is an author, motivational speaker, and registered with BCRPA in Group Fitness, Yoga Fitness, Personal Training, Weight Training, and Older Adult. As a Bosu® Ambassador, she specializes in stability, balance, and core exercise. Ryoko is passionate about helping people become fit, healthy, and happy.



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