Innovative Exercise Core Strengthening

We have all heard of, and done, side planks for strengthening one’s core and outer thigh. Today I want to share with you a powerful and innovative core strengthening exercise that is similar to the side plank, yet targets your inner thigh, shoulder girdle and core. I call it the Inner Thigh Side Plank. When done correctly, this fantastic exercise will not only strengthen your core, but also reduce or prevent back pain. Check out these three variations for the novice to advanced level client. Happy Training! 

Download the pdf of this exercise take away.

NOTE: This is not a substitute for medical advice.



ANDRÉ NOËL POTVIN, MSc, BCRPA-TFL, ACSM-PT André Noël Potvin is an internationally accredited author, fitness educator and medical exercise specialist with 33 years of leadership and clinical experience. André holds a Master of Science degree in cardiac rehabilitation from the University of British Columbia, where he served for 4 years on the teaching faculty of the School of Human Kinetics. He is also president of INFOFIT Educators School for Fitness Professionals and is frequently invited to lecture at international public and professional conferences.


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