At LadySport and FitFirst we have customers who suffer from all kinds of foot related issues. In most cases we have strategies and tools that have a positive effect leaving them pleased with their in-store experience.

But, there are guests who upon entering the store are perfectly fine one moment and simply uncontrollable the next.

As a salesperson, our team can see the item in their hand and begin to try prepare a response to the request you know is all but a certainty. A request that you also have no answer to and worse nowhere to hide.

So, we just smile and ready yourself for the inescapable. The situation will unfold something like this:

“Good morning…how are you today?
Wonderful thank you!
How can I be of assistance?
I would just like another pair of these same shoes that YOU sold me. They are the best I have ever had.

I have spent my life searching for the perfect shoe and YOU helped me find it.
I had terrible issues with my feet and this pair of shoes literally helped me walk again… I am going to be the easiest customer of the day because ……I JUST WANT ANOTHER PAIR OF THESE SAME SHOES!”

We try and beat around the bush as long as we can, covering the general state of the universe and the rationale of a business world propelled by global marketing and space age innovation.

During our dissertation we’ll notice that the guest’s brow is beginning to furrow and even their complexion is starting to change.

Then the time comes when we must face the music. Giving that same disappointing answer we’ve become all too uncomfortable delivering:

“I am so sorry to tell you that your shoe has been… DISCONTINUED.”

Here is where you sit back and watch for those textbook signs of a guest suffering from The Discontinued Product Syndrome (AKA DPS):

  • Their sweat pores open and their pupils dilate. Their heart begins to race and their voice becomes laboured and breathless.
  • That once jovial and content guest starts to transform into a Marvel Comic character. This was supposed to be really simple!

You think, how can the cause of such a common and predictable syndrome be ignored by the very same people who produced the anecdote in the first place?

Here is where we follow the money! Without ‘new and improved’ product there is simply, nothing to talk about, nothing to post on twitter and simply nothing to SELL.

The consumer world is propelled by marketing and innovation. But does newer really mean “better’“?

Not very often…

Everyone has a different balance sheet and different priorities. One person’s treasure is another person’s trash. It’s TRUE that change for the sake of change is craved by most, despised by many and inevitable for all.

So what is the consumer to do?

In a time of constant change there are 2 remedies for this debilitating and reoccurring Syndrome.

  • When you find an item that works for you, buy up as many as your credit card will allow.
  • In the case of footwear, be proactive! Do some preventative medicine by challenging your body. Don’t wear the same shoe day after day. Instead, slowly introduce a different model into your active routine.

By alternating 2 different styles of shoes, you may become less reliant on a single model. A model that will undoubtedly be discontinued 12 months after it’s introduction into the market. Studies have also shown that parallel use of different running shoes decrease running-related injury risk. Learn more about preventing injury risks HERE.

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Thanks for shopping local, and stay safe.

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